The Astrologers Roundtable

The Astrologers Roundtable

Current Events & Current Planetary Transits

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello fellow astrologers, both professional and just interested!!!

I would like to start a conversation about world events, both political, social & financial and how our current PLUTO in CAPRICORN squaring URANUS in ARIES is indicating that these radical social changes are indeed "written in the stars" and creating a new world vision and awareness of the need for our planetary evolvement....changes in consciousness which can change our whole world order.

I am a strong advocate for the idea that the only wars worth fighting is the war on ignorance and poverty..both states of consciousness which lead people to dissent and unrest. Greed, lack of integrity, deception and unfairness is currently controlling the outcome for the majority of the people on our planet to live lives of self-empowerment, peace and happiness.