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Friday, February 20, 2015

On-Line Astrology Courses & Comments by Professional Astrologers

This is an open invitation to lovers of Astrology,  as well as professional Astrologers to 
enjoy courses presented by Astrologers round the world and to comment on them. 

Online Lectures, Workshops, Seminars
A New Educational Offering to the Community
On behalf of NCGR, I am proud to announce three more presentations in our ongoing program of lectures, workshops and seminars online with some of the finest astrologers in our community.

Our intention is to bring quality astrology to members-at-large who do not have a local chapter, as well as to chapters who do not have an active education program. And to those chapters with established education programs, such as in my own hometown, we hope to complement what you already so effectively provide.

Most of all, however, our main intention is to create a more interactive community within NCGR and satisfy your need for quality astrological education, which was an original initiative at the start of NCGR, way back in the pre-cyber age, when the word "email" was a typo.

John Marchesella
Three Astrologers from the NCGR Community Saturday, February 21, 2015. See Description of Each Separate Talk Below. Purchase the full Webinar - all three talks, a full 4 1/2 hours of learning. 

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EST The Duality of the Planets, with Kirk Kahn 

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EST The Expansion of Western Ideals Beginning in 2015, with David Cochrane 

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EST The Zodiac's Many Faces: Images of the Decans, with Austin Coppock

NCGR Education Presents:
NCGR Around The World Webinars
Three Astrologers from the NCGR Community
Saturday, February 21, 2015
Fee: $20. per Webinar

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Glenn Perry Deconstructing the current Cardinal Grand Cross

This very insightful article is a must read for the the thinking astrologer! Glenn Perry has done it again with his masterful grasp of psychology, astrology & mythology!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello fellow astrologers, both professional and just interested!!!

I would like to start a conversation about world events, both political, social & financial and how our current PLUTO in CAPRICORN squaring URANUS in ARIES is indicating that these radical social changes are indeed "written in the stars" and creating a new world vision and awareness of the need for our planetary evolvement....changes in consciousness which can change our whole world order.

I am a strong advocate for the idea that the only wars worth fighting is the war on ignorance and poverty..both states of consciousness which lead people to dissent and unrest. Greed, lack of integrity, deception and unfairness is currently controlling the outcome for the majority of the people on our planet to live lives of self-empowerment, peace and happiness.

Monday, July 18, 2011

"Economic Mud" Robert Gover Financial Astrologer

An Astrological Look at the World's Current Financial Issues... Will we have some real solutions by March, 2015??
"The sidereal v. tropical debate matters, of course, but if we are to apply astrology to real life, planetary angles within our solar system are far more indicative. 

In an attempt to make astrology relevant to real life, I put the emphasis on social problems in need of solutions and planetary angles which, based on past history, promise major changes and/or solutions to such problems.  

Right now, as most astrologers are well aware, we are under a Uranus-Pluto square that hasn't formed since the great depression of the 1930s.  The most vexing social problems in need of solutions are economically based, and arise out of our privatized central banking system.  

The Uranus-Pluto square of the 1930s found Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Cancer. Uranus is again in Aries, but Pluto this time is in Cancer's opposite sign, Capricorn.  History shows that planetary angles and transit-to-natal angles matter much more than the signs the planets occupy.

What is also needed is an accurate analysis of the problems to be solved.  If you have a hidden short in your home's wiring, you may band-aid your obvious electrical problems temporarily, but you won't have a sustainable solution till you find and fix the hidden short.  

The hidden economic problem we now have nationally is interest on the money the federal government has borrowed from the banks of the Federal Reserve.  The Fed is privately owned and operated.  It's no more "federal" than Federal Express. The government is charged interest the same as individuals and companies when they make loans. 

Paying interest on federal government loans now eats up almost half of the federal budget.  Cutting federal spending puts a band aid on that fiscal cancer, but does not cure it.

Most people have the impression that the federal government operates on money raised from taxes. From a limited perspective, this is true.  But almost every dollar in circulation originates as loans made by the bankers of the Fed, and interest must be paid on all this loaned money. That creates an economy increasingly mired in the repayment of interest.  As time goes on, more money must be borrowed from the bankers of the Fed to repay this ever-accumulating interest, which compounds ad infinitum.

Thus, the economy eventually becomes like a car stuck in mud. Revving the engine only sinks the wheels deeper into the mud.  For an accurate analysis of the economic problem that is the mud we are revving the economic engine to pull us out of, see .

Most people assume that if the mass media don't inform them about this monetary problem, it doesn't exist and/or is another conspiracy theory. But the people who own and operate our mass media benefit from the system and are thus not about to assign reporters to research it and write about it.  In that sense, it is a conspiracy.

But there is plenty of information about it online. Google "debt based money" and you'll find some. Google "privatized central banks" and you find more.  And there are movements to change the system afoot in Congress, led by Dennis Kucinich (D Ohio) and Ron Paul ® Texas).  The problem is that only a small minority of people know what the system actually is, how and why it is tremendously harmful, and why it is unsustainable.  

Assuming President Obama and the Republicans arrive at some agreement to keep the federal government operating and not defaulting on its debts, this doomed system will be perpetuated.  Eventually it will self-destruct, for it cannot go on sinking the government into the ever-deepening mud of interest owed.

The solution is to have government issue our money debt free, pay off all the existing Treasury bonds and bills, and henceforth relieve taxpayers of further enriching already rich bankers.  The government will then be free to work for the governed.

But the planets do not make our decisions for us, and by the March Full Moon 2015, no matter who is in the White House and no matter which time you use for the July 4, 1776 birth of the USA, Pluto will be at 15 Capricorn opposition the US Sun at 13 Cancer and square the US Saturn at 15 Libra, while Uranus, flanked by Mars and Venus, will complete a grand cross at 14 Aries. The Full Moon and Chiron will hit the US Mars-Neptune square (indicating another financial crash) and Saturn will oppose the US Uranus in Gemini.

Barack Obama now appears to have put himself in an impossible bind (see ) and Congress is now stocked with ignorant, big-money manipulated tea partiers.  It's hard to see how we get out of the mess the Fed's debt-based money system has put us in without a massive revolution, and/or an unprecedented Uranus-opposite-Saturn surprise.       

Though negative predictions win no popularity contests, I believe we astrologers can make ourselves more valuable by sounding warnings now, rather than allow our fellow humans to be unprepared for 2015. "

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Astrologer Deborah Smith Parker on Pluto in Capricorn

This is an excellent article on what we can all expect while Pluto is  in Capricorn..til 2024!! Thank you Deborah!!
Here is the link:

Here is the article: By Deborah Smith Parker
"In astrology the planet Pluto works at a global level. His intent isn’t to kill us individually although it can sure feel like it—and at times we wish he would. Instead he reveals what is killing us, specifically through collective thought and action. He specifically exposes the malignant and destructive concentrations of power relative to the sign he is in and then provides opportunities to clean the whole mess up.
Pluto locks everyone in a long slow roll tumbling us over and over so we can’t escape experiencing just how bad things have become. His work starts out real messy and always involves massive body counts—usually more figurative than literal, although there are exceptions which I’ll detail in future posts.
In 2008 Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign ruling corporations, business environments, governments, authority in general and the patriarchy. So what has happened since then? Oh, not much—just the collapse of the housing bubble, the exposure of unprecedented, unregulated greed and scandal by banks and their Wall Street partners, and both the reluctance and impotence of our government to effectively deal with the resulting precipitous economic crash we will be struggling with for many years.
Pluto has 14 more years in Capricorn so he’s just getting started. Pretty big stuff for such a little guy demoted from his planetary status by astronomers. Well, they didn’t consult with us astrologers.
We can clearly see Pluto’s work not just in the U.S. but across the globe. But this country was founded with Pluto in Capricorn so we’re getting a big hit. What’s going to happen in the U.S. during his remaining time in that sign?
In astrology you look forward while also looking backward.Pluto’s orbit is 248 years and this is his first return to that sign since then. A planet’s “return” to its original position in an astrological chart is a powerful time relative to that planet’s energies in that particular sign.
With Pluto what happens is:
• Everything that’s working well for the masses is strengthened and rewarded
• Everything that isn’t is pretty much torn up
By the time Pluto leaves Capricorn for good in 2024, he will leave in his wake in this country a very changed system of authority of governments and corporations. Remember, he starts out real messy. Everyone has a role. It takes a while for the messages of the brilliant prophets, the whack jobs, the defenders of status quo and the casualties of the struggle to sort out the issues to forge new ameliorative policies and power dynamics.
Our nation was founded in a revolution by a rag tag army to throw off the oppressive government of King George III. See any similarities between our issues with that regime and the political and economic climate we’re in today? Our current struggle just got a lot closer to home—closer than hands and feet, as the ancient aphorism goes.
Pluto has lots of time and uses it. However, he doesn’t leave us bleeding in the streets forever. The way out is eventually revealed but it isn’t served up on the proverbial silver platter. We have to become involved to clean up the mess. And Pluto doesn’t just motivate us to do so, he drives us to do it.
In my next few posts I’m going to help you all become astrologers, examining Pluto’s astrological positions from the Great Depression to present times. We’ll see how each placement has contributed positively and negatively to today’s dilemmas and potential solutions. Stay tuned."

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pluto in Capricorn and the US National Debt Scam

Pluto in Capricorn and National Debt Scam
Robert Gover, USA
Privatized central banks have been sucking up the wealth created by common people and transferring it to the super wealthy since 1694 when the Bank of England was established so the King could borrow money to mount wars.  The national debt it heaped upon the American colonies was the primary reason for the American Revolution, which kicked into high gear when Pluto last sojourned through Capricorn.  Now, as Pluto returns to Capricorn, the scent of revolution again pervades the air.  

Our privatized, debt-based, Federal Reserve-run money system has created a national debt that's now close to $14 Trillion. Annual interest on that debt during the first 11 months of this year: $395.7 Billion. That's what we the people owe for money borrowed by our government from the bankers of the Fed.   

The media blitz about the national debt assumes it is an unchangeable fact of life. You can give yourself a terrible headache by contemplating these numbers and what they are likely to mean to you personally: Higher taxes, lower wages, reduced Social Security and Medicare forevermore.   

But the idea that it's unchangeable is really one gigantic con job perpetrated by the few who operate it, and their minions who knowingly or unknowingly bamboozle we the people about it.  Most of us glaze over at the enormity of it. The numbers are just too huge a headache to think about.

Since our nation's beginning, our most civic-minded politicians have resisted it or tried to change it.  They include Ben Franklin, Andrew Jackson, Abe Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and, in our time, Congressmen Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. When poet Ezra Pound objected to it, he was vilified and locked in an insane asylum.  

It, our monetary system, is not a left-right or capitalist-communist issue, so the media doesn't cover it; it won't sell commercials.  It is couched in such arcane lingo that the guys who profit from it have been able to confuse the vast majority about it.  Until now.     

With Pluto now transiting conjunct the Fed's Sun, opposite its natal Pluto, the system has arrived at a changing time.  The habitual way of dealing with the national debt it creates is by punishing the victims, middle class taxpayers.  But now the national debt is so huge, sucking repayment out of the middle class isn't likely to work as it has worked before, without bankrupting the whole country.           

For lucid explanations of how it's eating us alive, check out these web sites:
Bankrupting the middle class to repay the national debt would eventually erode the fortunes of the privileged.  Those fortunes depend on the wealth-creating work done by the middle class.

Meanwhile, counties like China, India, Brazil and Russia have more recently established debt-free public banks.  As the debt-based privatized monetary system destroys the economies of the European Union and the USA, these other countries thrive.

If, back in 1694, the King had his crown on straight, he could have created the currency he needed instead of ordering the Bank of England to create it, then borrowing from the bank and socking his subjects with a national debt.  

At the heart of our national debt angst lurks this simple question:  How should we create the medium-of-exchange money needed by government?  By having government borrow from banks and sock taxpayers with the debt, or by having banks borrow from government debt-free?

The private sector works the same under either system.  The only difference is the lack of a national debt. With the vast majority relieved of that burden, more money flows into consumer goods and capital investments in tangible goods.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jupiter/Uranus Awakening and Wikileaks by Robert Gover,

Jupiter/Uranus Awakening and Wikileaks
Robert Gover, USA
For the past decade I've been writing about what I believe is the world war of the future-between the minions of oligarchy and the forces of democracy.

Now it's here: *

No doubt Wikileaks is more astounding to an old geezer like me who grew up during the Great Depression and World War II when a spirit of cooperation possessed the USA. Anyone born since the mid-seventies missed that America and knows only this one: Socialism for the rich, laissez faire for everyone else.   

There have been times when I despaired because the multinationals and big banks seemed to possess overwhelming power, and thus appeared to be the dominant force in our future.  Astrology enabled me to realize that somehow events would conspire to upset their band wagon.     

And now as the Uranus-Pluto square tightens above us, Wikileaks rises from the ashes of the free press that once made American society the envy of the world.  Transiting Pluto moving opposite the USA's natal planets in Cancer (Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury) promises to expose corruption, and Uranus promises to clean it up.    

Wikileaks is Dorothy flinging open the curtain to find that the Wizard is a deranged con artist playing with lights that enchant the masses.

How dare the people of a democracy learn what their public servants are up to.  Those doings are Officially Classified Secret.  Your duty, John Q. and Susie Q Citizen, is to work your asses off and pay your taxes to support the Wizard. You are not permitted to know what the Wizard does with all that money. That information is way above your pay grade.

"Terrorist!" cry the Wiz's trolls pointing to Wikileaks creator Julian Assange. "He's a traitor!  We shoot traitors!"

Wikileaks, our corporate-owned media is telling us, is a threat to lives.  Whose lives?  The Wizard and his minions, of course.  Revealing what the Wiz and his trolls are actually up to is a dire threat to their lives.  If everyone learns how they use our money to enrich themselves and mount wars to enrich the trolls of the military-industrial complex, there'd be hell to pay.    

Writer Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stone has peeked over Dorothy's shoulder as she flung open the Wizard's curtain and has had the courage to write about it, with hair-raising candor and laser effectiveness. He explores the nuts and bolts of our most successful financial corporation, Goldman Sachs, in his latest book "Griftopia: The Great Derangement, Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That is Breaking America." Summing up what he discovered about the Goldman Wizard, he wrote:

"Goldman is not a company of geniuses, it is company of criminals.  And far from being the best fruit of a democratic, capitalist society, it's the apotheosis of the Grifter Era, a private enterprise that has attached itself to the American government and taxpayer and shamelessly engorged itself on us all."

The word "grifter" is an old slang term. Webster's says it means someone who acquires money illicitly as in a confidence game.  It's probably a play on the word "graft," which doesn't precisely describe what the New World Order's Wizard does. There's more con game grift than graft involved.

The last time Uranus and Pluto squared was back in the 1930s for the Great Depression. When the Smoot-Hawley Act was passed in 1930, Saturn was opposite the USA's natal Sun to boost the Uranus-Pluto square's effects. As I write this, the USA's money planets Venus and Jupiter are opposed by Pluto, the North Node, Mercury and Mars, which are all square a conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter. Wikileaks rocks.  

[* editor: due to the website many moves; this is the address to be used]